Hermes 40cm Olive Barenia Leather Birkin Bag with Gold Hardware

Product Description
Hermes 40cm Olive Barenia Leather Birkin Bag with GoldHardwareGood to Very Good Condition15.5" Width x 13" Height x 8" DepthThis is a very striking combination ! The gold hardware and theolive leather look fantastic together. Interior is olive chevreleather with one zip pocket and one slip pocket.This bag is in good to very good condition. The gold hardware isvery good. The barenia leather shows some wear including lightscratches and water stains. Mild wear to handles and the bottom ofthe bag.Condition Rankings:Pristine - The piece is in perfect condition and appears to havenever been used. It is in as-new condition.Excellent - The piece is in nearly perfect condition, with onlyvery slight signs of use.Very Good - The piece has been used but well cared for with nomajor flaws or wear.Good - The piece has been used and shows wear. It is in as-iscondition.Fair - The piece exhibits condition issues which may or may not berepairable, but is still wearable as purchasedPlease view and enlarge all images.
$ 570.00